In your College app, the push notifications can be managed by you.  There are three options available which will allow you to manage the notification badges as follows:

  • Absences - Absence Alerts, Requests and Verifications (only received for your children)
  • To do - Event Permissions and Appointment Requests (only received for your children/you)
  • Spaces Post - Broadcast and Space Post activity (the College will endeavour to always filter based on your children's classes, year levels and extra curricular activities, where possible)

To manage these, please go to the settings cog (located in the bottom right of the front screen) and then select 'Notification Settings'.

Please note that you are unable to unsubscribe from 'Alert' push notifications.  However, the College will endeavour only to use this whole school notification alert for lock downs, school closures and time critical notifications when appropriate.